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Hebden Bridge – Computing above The Cloud

Moving office was as simple as switching on my laptop.

I provide business support to a range of clients including   Newtons Chartered Surveyors  in Surrey and  Gill Oliver a nomadic author and publisher presently in France. Over the weekend I have moved home and office from Surrey to a narrowboat in Hebden Bridge.

Behind the hype of “The Cloud” is a set of useful software  tools that not only works but fits in with my clients; strong minded entrepreneurs who are proud to boast that they are too busy for learning new computer skills.

The key to success was to understand the sophisticated software tools hidden in “The Cloud”  and more importantly how to match it with clients requirements, skills and attention span.

I  enjoy the technical challenges  needed to  simplify your business and have a track record in combining simple processes with increased profits for small businesses.

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